"I usually buy my clothing at Brooks Brothers. The excellent fabric and the traditonal cut of their suits are timeless and elegant. Recently, for a change of pace, I ordered a sport jacket from NIGEL WILLIAMS Clothiers. For half the price of a Brooks Brothers sport jacket, I was able to choose a splendid fabric, customize the cut and silhouette, and even get the working jacket buttons that are nirvana for those of us who appreciate fine clothing. Watch out Brooks Brothers, you now have some serious competition."
- Robert J. Avrech, Emmy Award wining screenwriter
"If you want a great look, customized suit for you at a fair price, go to Nigel. Even better, he'll come to you! The whole experience of being fitted for my first custom suit was fun and easy, and far lower price than I expected. I am impressed with workmanship and I especially like my choice of linings, buttons, outside stitching and fabric."
- Michael A. Abramson Esq.
"My wife wanted me to try a private fitting with Nigel...I always bought my suits off the rack. I will never buy a suit off the the rack again!. My wife is thrilled with with my suit! A happy wife is a happy life"
- Marc Firestone, Insurance Broker